Great Jewelry Storage Ideas

Published: 28th March 2011
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Storing jewelry needs proper storage containers and a bit of planning. It is an art that can be mastered by just anyone by assessing needs and then plan what to buy and how to store the jewelry pieces.

If you're looking for wholesale costume jewelry storage and organizing ideas like me, this article would definitely help you out with that. We would not only look at some creative ideas for storing and organizing jewelry but also know where to buy storage containers and boxes.

Storing Necklaces

Necklaces should not be stored with each other since they tend to get tangled. There are two basic ways to store necklaces:

1. Storing each necklace in a separate compartment of a jewelry box or other organizer

2. Hanging them somewhere

The second option is best if you've no problem with displaying your jewelry, yet you can hang them inside your closet to minimize exposure. Also, make sure you place metal necklaces inside boxes to prevent tarnishing and hang the plastic and wood ones.

Storing Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets can be stored more or less like necklaces for they can get tangled, but they don't tend to tangle as much as necklaces. So, you can easily store bracelets in storage boxes and trays with compartments. You can hang them but that is not necessary at all unless you really like to display your bracelets or fear that they would be tangled.

As far as the bangles are concerned they need to be stored quite carefully since the bangles don't easily fit into any jewelry box. The best way to store bangles are:

1. Stacking on poles

2. Hanging on bangles rack etc.

While stacking and hanging prevents breakage, these methods are best for bangles that don't tend to get tarnished or oxidized.

Storing Earrings

Earrings are quite tricky to store since they are small, fragile and easily lost. They should be stored in such a way that you don't lose them at all and still are able to locate them in case you are in a hurry. Some good ways to store earrings are:

1. Storing in small jewelry boxes

2. Hanging on jewelry display racks and holders

3. Storing in pouches

4. Storing in jewelry trays with small compartments

5. Attaching on a paper

You need to make sure not to hang stud earring since they are ought to drop down often. Instead attach them on a brown paper and hang that paper if you really need to hang them.

Storing Rings

Rings can be stored in a variety of ways and they can easily be stored like earrings and bangles. Yet, you have to store them in a way that minimizes loss. Some useful rings storage ideas are:

1. Storing in small jewelry boxes

2. Stacking on poles and rods

3. Storing in jewelry trays

Hanging is definitely not a recommended way of storing or organizing rings since it maximizes the chances of rings falling down. You can store them in pouches but that makes it quite difficult to sort out rings.

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